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Idaho Energy Freedom

We’re dedicated to educating Idahoans about the economic benefits of energy options for consumers and communities.

Idaho Energy Freedom is a group of citizens and neighbors concerned about the impact of misinformation about energy options in Idaho. We believe that Idahoans should get the facts and decide for themselves what’s in their best interest. Freedom is an Idaho value, and no one type of energy is right for everyone. Healthy competition benefits ratepayers, and investment in energy infrastructure creates jobs and prosperity in our schools and communities. 

Outline of wind turbines in a field as sun sets

Countering Misinformation
Learn the facts about the lava wind project

Let the public EIS process play out. Be wary of people and groups who form opinions before they’ve seen all the facts. The draft EIS statement on the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project was released on January 20, 2023 and immediately folks began playing Chicken Little. This does nothing but detract from the important details… Read More