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7 things you may not know about our growing energy economy

The truth about clean energy in Idaho

As part of Idaho Energy Freedom’s mission to educate Idahoans about the economic benefits of energy options for consumers and communities, we are excited to share with you 7 Surprising Facts about Idaho’s Energy Economy.  

We hope this type of information counters some of the myths that swirl on social media so we can make thoughtful decisions on how to respond to the increasing demand for clean energy in our state. 

From leading the atomic energy revolution in the 1950s to the nation’s first solar-powered roads, Idaho’s energy sector is the gem of the Gem State. The industry contributes $6.3 billion to our state’s GDP and more than 50,000 jobs, according to the Governor’s 2023 Idaho Energy Landscape Report.

Learn the 7 Surprising Facts about Idaho’s Energy Economy now!

About Idaho Energy Freedom 

Idaho Energy Freedom curates factual energy news and information to counter misinformation about energy in Idaho. We highlight news of interest to those curious about energy production in Idaho, as well as how we use energy of all kinds to improve our daily lives and strengthen our economy.

We believe that Idahoans can decide for themselves what’s in their best interest, be it hydropower, solar, wind, or natural gas. Freedom is an Idaho value, and no one type of energy is right for everyone. Healthy competition benefits ratepayers, and investment in energy infrastructure creates jobs and prosperity in our schools and communities.