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Happy Earth Day from Idaho Energy Freedom

April 22 marks Earth Day, and we are celebrating with the release of several videos that were filmed during our Idaho Energy Freedom Education Day at the statehouse earlier this year. 

We hope that as you watch them, you’ll pause to reflect on why you love to live in the Gem State, and what you personally are doing to fight climate change. 

We only get one planet, just like we only get one Idaho. 

To maintain our quality of life on this planet and in Idaho, we need more clean energy, not climate NIMBY-ism like we’ve seen particularly in the Magic Valley over the Lava Ridge Wind Project, which our group is proud to support. The BLM public comment period ends on Thursday, April 20, so voice your support now

Earth Day became a holiday in 1970, with bipartisan support. Back then, there was no EPA, no Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act. The environment was an afterthought until Sen. Gaylord Nelson brought the issue into the national conscience with Earth Day. We could use more of that bipartisan support now.

Chantel Greene, a Nez Perce tribal member and former tribal council vice president, shares her story leading a Native American and woman-owned green energy consulting firm that works to expand the jobs and prosperity that come with energy projects to more tribal communities. 

Josh Meyer of Marsing and Dave Manning of Boise work with Lumio and enjoy educating Treasure Valley homeowners about the myths and facts of home solar panel installation. They share their experience in this short video

Clean energy is particularly important to younger generations of Idahoans, who see the economic benefits of new industries and technological innovation. Dave Hyde, 22, of Kimberly, and Andrew Hunturango, 20, of Twin Falls, are College of Southern Idaho students in the renewable energy department. In this video, they share that they are excited to learn more about clean energy options, particularly for wind and solar potential in Idaho and careers that come with it. 

Max Stein, business development manager at Clēnera, said his passion for clean energy stems from his enjoyment of Idaho’s public lands and wanting his newborn child to enjoy the same access to Idaho’s natural beauty and resources. 

Idaho truly is the Gem State in terms of the gifts of our natural resources. We hope the coming years will see us take full advantage of our wind, solar, geothermal and other clean energy potential so that our residents can reap the benefits that come along with growing this important industry. 

Happy Earth Day!

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