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Idaho Energy Freedom aims to add facts, context to conversation on state’s energy development

Since launching as a nonprofit organization last month, Idaho Energy Freedom assembled an advisory council of community leaders and is curating factual energy news and information to provide context around our state’s energy economy to educate the public. 

As the demand for energy options of all types grows with our state’s population, citizens deserve to know how energy is produced and to understand the use patterns and economic impact in our state and region. In particular, Idaho Energy Freedom will be providing valuable context on the  benefits of energy production, including increased competition, tax revenue, jobs, and other positive community impacts. 

Idaho is behind neighboring states when it comes to development of clean energy, including fellow red, conservative states. With most states and many cities setting renewable energy goals, Idahoans can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand. As major Idaho businesses work toward clean energy goals and our state’s population grows, the demand for renewable power is increasing. Communities can thrive when sustainable projects are built that bring construction jobs and much-needed tax revenue for local schools, roads, ambulances and other infrastructure. 

These are the core beliefs that fuel our organization:

  • Free markets benefit Idaho. Energy options and free market capitalism benefit Idaho ratepayers more than a regulated market.
  • Economic growth is good. Just like we export microchips and potatoes and many other goods, Idaho’s energy economy can benefit our hometowns and the Western region.
  • Clean energy has financial benefits.
  • Clean energy alternatives transcend political parties. We value clean, and energy-efficient generation, storage, transmission and distribution.
  • Fulfilling our potential. Idaho ranks 18th for wind energy potential in the nation. 
  • Keeping up regionally. We are behind other states in the energy industry. We want to change that.
  • Prioritize affordable energy for ratepayers through a diverse portfolio of energy options. The demand for carbon-free energy transcends just Idaho. To meet the national need for energy independence and increase sound economic opportunities for Idaho businesses and electric service providers, a diverse portfolio of options is needed. 

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