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Idaho Energy Freedom Issues Statement in Support of Lava Ridge Wind Project

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TWIN FALLS (March 3, 2023) – Today, Idaho Energy Freedom’s Advisory Council took a position in support of the Lava Ridge Wind Project in the Magic Valley, deferring to the expertise of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to select the alternative best suited for the proposed site in their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) analysis.

Idaho Energy Freedom (IEF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to curating factual information to support the development of clean energy in Idaho.

Prior to taking a position on Lava Ridge, IEF’s Advisory Council hosted Magic Valley Energy representatives at an informational meeting during which members were able to engage in a robust conversation around the impacts (both negative and positive) of the proposed project. Additionally, members of the Advisory Council attended (both personally and virtually) open houses hosted by the BLM and thoroughly reviewed the DEIS.

“Our Advisory Council members are dedicated citizens who have done our homework on the project, and we are proud to support it,” said Idaho Energy Freedom’s advisory council chairman and longtime energy lawyer, Peter Richardson of Boise. “Idaho companies and many municipalities have set aggressive clean energy goals, and the demand for wind power is only growing across our state and region.”

Idaho Energy Freedom plans to submit more detailed public comment in support of the project to the BLM before the April 20th deadline. 

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