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IEF Advisory Council Chairman Peter Richardson Tours Idaho Civic Groups

Peter Richardson, chairman of Idaho Energy Freedom’s advisory council, began a tour of Idaho civic groups recently to discuss the mission and activities of the nonprofit ahead of the Education Day at the Capitol slated for Jan. 23, 2024 in Boise. Last week, Richardson presented to the Blue Lakes Rotary Club in Twin Falls along with the Twin Falls Optimist Club and this week, he traveled to Pocatello to address the Centennial Rotary Club. He’ll speak at the e-Rotary club in January and Boise’s Downtown Rotary Club meeting in February. 

Richardson is entering his 40th year practicing exclusively energy law at his small law office in Boise, Richardson Adams. He currently represents independent energy producers and large, primarily industrial, customers of investor-owned utilities such as Idaho Power and Avista, as well as Rocky Mountain Energy in Eastern Idaho.  

“Our core mission is about spreading the word, through presentations like this, our website, blogs, and webinars, so that folks across Idaho can receive solid, factual information about renewable energy,” Richardson told the Blue Lakes Rotary Club. “We’re big on advocating for clean power, both generally and for specific projects, recognizing how state, local, and federal governments play a big role in shaping energy policies.”

Richardson stressed that clean energy is not just a “feel-good thing” but also a smart move economically.

“We sometimes see clean energy developers and individual communities or even individuals be at odds regarding new projects,” Richardson explained. “As a result, sometimes misinformation is used to advance or thwart projects. Idaho Energy Freedom wants to be able to bridge that information gap by being a non-judgmental non-biased source of information.” 

Richardson added that while there may be “irreconcilable differences of opinion as to a particular project,” there is no need to operate with a different set of facts. 

Richardson cited the “roller coaster” of natural gas prices and relied on Idaho Power’s load forecast data to show how clean energy is gaining popularity, especially among big corporations and cities like Boise, which has a net zero goal by 2030. He praised the Jackpot Solar Project near Rogerson, which will provide wholesale electricity for Idaho Power. 

“Idaho is not making as much progress toward clean energy yet as we’d like to see, but with your help, and with the leadership of Idaho Energy Freedom, we’ll get there,” Richardson said. 

To make Idaho a hub for clean and independent energy, Richardson encourages more folks to get involved with Idaho Energy Freedom by signing up for the newsletter or joining us at the Education Day at the Capitol on Jan. 23, 2024. 

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