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Maximizing Energy Savings: BSD’s Spring Power Down Challenge

As the spring break approaches, Boise School District (BSD) is calling on teachers and students to participate in the Spring Power Down Challenge. This initiative aims to conserve energy during the break period when school buildings are not in use. Through simple yet impactful actions, BSD aims to surpass last year’s energy savings of over 900,000 kWh.

Participation in the challenge is easy and begins with completing a brief form to report energy-saving activities. Teachers are encouraged to unplug chargers and devices, including classroom computers, as well as shut doors to storage rooms, turn off storage room lights, and close windows and blinds to conserve energy.

Key actions include:

  • Unplugging Devices: Teachers are urged to unplug chargers and devices, ensuring that classroom computers are turned off to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Conserving Lighting: Shutting doors to storage rooms, turning off storage room lights, and closing windows and blinds contribute to reducing energy usage throughout the school buildings.
  • Powering Down Technology: Student desktop computers, laptop carts, and projectors should be turned off, shut down, and unplugged to prevent standby power consumption.
  • Addressing Appliances: Teachers are reminded to clean out and unplug small appliances such as coffee pots, personal refrigerators, lamps, and space heaters to eliminate phantom energy usage.
  • Adjusting Thermostat: Lowering the thermostat helps conserve energy, ensuring that heating and cooling systems are not operating unnecessarily during the break.

By implementing these energy-saving measures, BSD aims to not only reduce its environmental footprint but also contribute to cost savings for the district. Additionally, the Spring Power Down Challenge instills a sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability among students and staff members.

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